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Why invest in UK/ LONDON?

  • The United Kingdom enjoys a safe and politically stable environment
  • Sterling is one of the World’s strongest and most stable currencies
  • Excellent liquidity – active and mature property investment market with a huge number of UK and Foreign investors from every corner of the Globe
  • The UK/London market is one of the most professional in the World and it is not a broker system unlike many other countries. Both the buyer and seller are separately represented by a Chartered Surveyor such as Duncan Allison, who protects his client’s position
  • UK commercial market gives to investors a number of benefits to include:


o        Income is received on a triple net basis because tenants pay for all repairs - internal, external and insurance

o        Under UK property law tenants can not break their lease contract unless the lease has a break clause. You have total tenant security unlike many other countries

o        Total income security because occupational leases are subject to 5 yearly upward only rent reviews. The rental income may go up at review every 5 years but it will never go down during the life of the lease, even if the market rent has decreased the income can not go down. Hence income either increases or stays the same – it can never go down


  • The Central London commercial property investment market is one of the most international and active real estate markets in the World with an annual turnover in excess of £10 billion
  • Capital size diversity - the City and the West End of London contain both small and very large office buildings. Individual capital value lot sizes can vary typically from £5 to £50 million or £100 to £500 million or more
  • Acquisition costs are 5.7625% of the purchase price and include 4% for transfer tax (stamp duty); 0.5% for legal fees; 1% for agent / investment advisor fees; 20% VAT on fees
  • Net Yields / Returns typically vary between 5% to 8%
  • Finance / mortgages or equity share schemes are readily available through either UK or Foreign Banks on competition terms