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Our service




·          Accurate price assessment via specialist market knowledge

·          Full cash-flow analysis based upon comparable evidence detailing sales of other similar properties in the locality

·          Marketing with the use of professionally produced brochures and PDF

·          Selective and confidential pin point targeting of UK and overseas purchasers to achieve the best price




·          Advice to clients in regard to strategy to determine optimum product selection

·          Focus on off market deals and avoidance of competitive best bidding

·          Detailed cash-flow analysis of each property to determine suitability and compliance with target returns

·          Research based advice using extensive market knowledge and the best independent databases

·          Introduction to solicitors, accountants, building surveyors, engineers and banks as required

·          When an offer for a property is accepted we co-ordinate every aspect of the deal and ensure that all professional advisers involved in the transaction are fully informed and required information is provided quickly and efficiently

·          Our experienced team will ensure that all contractual targets are complied with to produce a smooth exchange and completion




·          Advice on refurbishment, total redevelopment and funding

·          Viability analysis to determine the suitability of a property for either refurbishment or development

·          Detailed development appraisals to establish profitability

·          Introduction to all members of the development team to include: architects, planning consultants, contractors, quantity surveyors, engineers and space planners

·          Confidential targeting of Funding partners and end buyers

·          Selection and monitoring of specialist letting agents at an early stage in the process to advise on the optimum design from a tenant perspective; capture pre-lets during the construction period and to expose the completed scheme to a targeted audience


Asset Management


·          Advice on Asset Management potential prior to purchase in order to assess suitability for acquisition

·          Strategic Management advice after purchase to maximise property value during the desired holding period

·          Preparation of the property for sale




               Strategic leasing advice to clients involving:


·          Surrender, renewal, and re-gearing of leases to enhance investment value

·          Negotiation of new leases working together with specialist letting advisors to ensure effective market exposure




·          We are able to offer a day to day management service to our clients as required